London, July 2013.

"When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life" 

It’s been almost fortnigh I came back from the beautiful London.


 I went there on a study holiday for two weeks. I’ve never had the opportunity to travel a lot; this was only the second time I went abroad.

 If I stop to think about it, it seems to me only yesterday (oh my gosh I’m talking like my grandmother) I worried about a looot of things about this trip to London

. For example that my suitcase would never arrive at the London airport and it would end up in Timbuctù, instead..

However, the things that worried me the most were the fact of not being able to make friends and not being able to get by.

As I discovered later, there was no reason to think all of that.

 People I knew were so funny and down on earth that I got on well with them. I have to thank them too if I enjoyed this trip so much.

And yeah, I discovered that I was really able to get by; feeling a little indipendent  is a nice feeling.

(But I’m not going to lie: during the first few days I really felt homesick.)

 AND, last but not least, my suitcase arrived!

London is a really stunning city.

 Aside from the wonderful places I got the opportunity to see, what I really loved of London was that you could see a lot of different people, dressed in a different way, maybe with pink or turquoise hair, with lots of piercing or tattoos, and no one turned around and glared at them.

 I know maybe I stayed in London too little time to say it and maybe happens that people turn around and judge, but it’s just what I was able to notice for the short time I was there and I really loved it.

Anyway, I’m going to show you some pictures I took! 🙂



 Red Telephone Box.


Hyde Park.


That’s the lovely Brighton.


This is an incredible portrait painter. (Still in Brighton)


Buckingham Palace.


 Tower Bridge.


 Big Ben.




 Madame Tussauds: The Queen Beyoncé and me. Proude Ladies!


 London Eye.


So that’s it! Thanks to anyone who will read about my trip in London, hope you’ll like this post!



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