It’s important to have dreams big enough not to lose sight when we pursue them. Oscar Wilde

I wrote this first on Facebook and because I liked it I thought I’d post it here, too!

I wanted to post this two days ago, but of course I didn’t have time (damn school).

Anyway just pretend to read this like it’s the 30th of October and everything should be okay.. (?)

It was half past three p.m on August 30th and I was doing the suffering subject that is mathematics. The day before I had been in Milan to do the English test that would have decided my admission to the program to study in the United States; I put so much concentration in it that I thought my mind was going to explode and that I was going to be (almost!) disgusted by English from now on. Before I left, they told me that I would have known the test result in a week. Instead the result arrived the day after (from which today [remember that I wanted to post this on October the 30th] has passed exactly two months); my mom nonchalantly put on my maths notebook (where I was solving a damn problem about the ellipse) the Ipad opened to the email in which it was written that I made it.


We are happy to inform you that Giulia has successfully passed the admission test for the school semester in the United States.

I cried not only for several hours, but every time I communicated the news to someone so that she/him could share that joy with me.

Then I started to think that if someone had told me that I would have gone to the USA eight months ago, when the email that arrived was completely different and disappointing, I would never have believed it.

But most of all, I thought that Oscar Wilde was right:

It’s important to have dreams big enough not to lose sight when we pursue them.



Back with news!

Ooookay, yes I know. It’s been a lot since my last post and I’m really sorry about it!

But this is because a lot of things happened and school has started. But I apologise again! (to any form of life who happened to read my posts)

Anyway here are the news!

It’s unbelievable and terrific at the same time how things can happen and change so fast in a matter of time.
No more than almost eight months ago my dream to go to the United States, to attend a school year, broke.
When, on that 31 March, I received the email that would have decide if next year I would have been on the other side of the world, I didn’t have the courage to read it. Indeed, I let that my mother opened and read it. Her face didn’t show happiness, but I thought it was because she didn’t want to shine through nothing.

I was wrong.

After a moment I read the email and it said that I hadn’t been taken to go to the U.S.A
I stared at my computer screen I don’t know for how long and then I let my tears fall.

I did a looot of thing to make it: a psychological test, an English test, various talks, compiled a huge dossier. All as had been requested.
I knew that most guys would have choosen the United States, like me, to go to spend a year abroad. And I also knew that there was an high possibility I would’t have been chosen.

But, you know when you want a thing more than anything else and you just want to stay positive and think that your dream will come true? I only was able to think in that way and not that I could have been rejected.
I was really sad for a little while.

Anyway! Since this makes me really sad and it’s not one of my ‘best memory of all time!!! yaaay’, I’m going to write the good news, that’s basically what this post should be about!

While I was in London, the magic happened.
The agency that organized my study holiday sent an email to my parents, that said that were online the notice and demand for quarters, semesters and years of school attendance abroad.
BUT! Only the first one hundred to enroll would have had the possibility to do that experience.
So my parents enrolled me: if I would have been accepted they would have told me it, otherwise it would have been like nothing had happened.
Guess what?!
When, at the end of July, my parents were losing their hope, the email arrived: I was provisionally admitted to participate at the program.
The same day, while we were having dinner, (and I was thinking about anything else but that), they let me read the email.
Saying that it was an unexpected thing would be an understatement.
I was shocked: by now I was used to the idea that I wouldn’t have gone anywhere.
And, to be honest, I don’t know what I was really feeling. Of course I was happy, but there was a part of me who thought that I was being selfish and I had been selfish during the year. I just wanted to realize my dream and I didn’t think about the feelings of the people I love. For example that I wouldn’t have been there for my sister and my brother if they would have needed me, I wouldn’t have been there to share with my family and my friends good and bad moments.

But I know dreams have a price. You have to make decisions and you can’t have or do anything you want.

So, I decided to try again.

I had to take an English test on the 29th of August. And the next day I received an email that said that I had passed it with flying colors. This time, reading an email, brought tears of pure joy in my eyes.

I had to fill in an application online, fill in a lot of papers, write letters and do a lot of other things.

But this time it was all really worth it.


I’m going to the U.S.A for six month, from January to June!


I’m a future exchange student!

I’m so happy, excited, scared and a lot of other things I can’t quite place.

It seems that this blog is going to include my future adventures in the U.S.A!

Thank you to all of you who are going to read this post, I promise I will write more often!

Love, Giulia.

(Hope I didn’t make too much mistakes!)

First post!

Hello people of WordPress!

I’m one of the hundreds and hundreds (maybe I should say thousands) of  people who, today, have decided to open a blog.

From the things I’ve just read on the internet, there’s a huge percentage my blog will die in a few months unless I write something interesting, unless my blog’s name and its layout are captivating and unless I follow some instructions such as: “Fifty plus one advice to build a successful Blog!”. Or whatever.

(Okay, I do admit I read something similar to that ‘fifty plus one advice’ thing…)

Anyway! I’m just going to introduce myself a little bit.

My name is Giulia and I’m seventeen years old.

Really big dreamer, New York obsessed (and hopefully a future New Yorker, thank you so much), books and music lover, fashion devoted, aspiring writer.

(My blog will be full of thoughts and pictures about these things.)

Stubborn, kind, touchy, honest, moody, passionate, ambitious.

I adore my family and my friends. Oh and of course: pizza.

I’ve decided to write my blog in English, even if it’s not my first language. It’s not at all because I have the presumption to think I can speak and write English as my mother tongue. It’s just because I really want to practice it more than I can. So, really, feel free to let me know any mistakes I will make. It will be appreciated!

Thanks very much to anyone who has spent a few minutes to read my first post!